Sim Card Activation

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Sim Card Activation

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Please note: We are not able to port your number after your Sim card is activated.

Please ensure that your mobile handset is compatible with the Sim Card you want to activate.

To ensure that our customers get no billing surprises at the end of each month. We set our Sim Only plans with a £2 spend limit, to cover the cost of additional calls or texts that are used outside of the free allowance. If the £2 limit has been used we will add this to your next monthly bill. But if you go over your £2 limit all your outgoing calls & data will be restricted and you will need to contact us to remove the restrictions.

There is a fair usage policy limit on your Unlimited Data Sim card. Any usage which exceeds the fair usage policy of 500GB per month will have its speed capped.

Using your Sim card to send mass SMS is not allowed. And if your Sim card is detected of sending out large amounts of SMS's which are consider outside of the normal use your service will automatically be suspended.

Please note we can not offer a refund once the sim card has been activated and there may be an early termination fee if cancelled within the first 30 days.

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